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Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet Vacuum Annealing Furnace

China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
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Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet Vacuum Annealing Furnace

Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet Vacuum Annealing Furnace
Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet Vacuum Annealing Furnace Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet Vacuum Annealing Furnace Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet Vacuum Annealing Furnace Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet Vacuum Annealing Furnace

Large Image :  Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet Vacuum Annealing Furnace

Product Details:
Place of Origin: wuxi
Brand Name: GREMET
Certification: CE, ISO, COC
Model Number: KL-220
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Packaging Details: exporting packing
Delivery Time: 5-8 WEEKS
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50 SETS
Detailed Product Description
Function: Vacuum Annealing Treatment Of Silicon Steel Sheets In The Transformer Industry Heating: The Heater Is Composed Of Ceramic Components And Cr20Ni80 Nickel Chromium Alloy Resistors
Temperature Control: Three Sets Of Uniformly Distributed Furnace Temperature Probes And Three Sets Of Iron Core Temperature Probes Are Installed Inside The Furnace
High Light:

Silicon Steel Sheet Vacuum Annealing Furnace


Transformer Vacuum Annealing Furnace


1. Technical conditions

1.1 Technical parameters:

1.1.1 Rated working temperature: 850 ℃

Maximum temperature: 900 ℃

1.1.2 Effective average temperature zone size: 2600 X 1000 X 1200 (h)

1.1.3 Rated processing capacity: 5T/furnace

1.1.4 Rated heating power: 220kW

1.1.5 Furnace temperature uniformity (at constant temperature): ± 5 ℃

1.1.6 Working vacuum degree: ≤ 10Pa

1.1.7 Ultimate vacuum degree: ≤ 9 × 10-2Pa

1.1.8 Cold state leakage rate: ≤ 0.67Pa/h

1.1.9 Cooling fan power: 22kW

1.1.10 Total installed capacity: 210kVA

1.1.11 Cooling water flow rate: 0.5T/h, 0.2MPa

1.1.12 Surface temperature rise outside the furnace: ≤ 30 ℃

1.1.13 Maximum heating rate: ≥ 28 ℃/min (at full load)

1.1.14 External dimensions (W × L × H) : 4200 X 2000 (excluding furnace cars) X 2200

1.1.15 Compressed air: 0.6MPa, 0.02m3/min

1.1.16 Nitrogen consumption: 6m3/furnace


1.2 Equipment composition:

1.2.1 One set of vacuum chamber

1.2.2 One set of vacuum system

1.2.3 One set of insulation chamber

1.2.4 One set of heating system

1.2.5 One set of automatic nitrogen charging system

1.2.6 One set of air cooling system

1.2.7 One set of cooling water pipe system

1.2.8 One set of control system

1.2.9 One discharge trolley

1.2.10 One set of material frame


1.3 Specific composition of each part:

1.3.1 Vacuum chamber

Square horizontal, water-cooled jacket structure, made of low-carbon steel. The tank door is located at the end and rotates axially to the right around the right hinge to open.

The tank body is equipped with an air-cooled and heated mixing fan system, a heating and insulation system, as well as water-cooled electrodes, thermocouple inlet holes, vacuum suction ports, inflation valve interfaces, vacuum gauges, and vacuum gauge installation interfaces.

There are observation windows, some insulation components, and heaters on the tank door, which can be manually opened and closed.


1.3.2 Vacuum system

It consists of ZJY-600/ZJY-300/SV300B vacuum pump unit, vacuum cooler, high vacuum baffle valve, electromagnetic baffle valve, manual vacuum ball valve, stainless steel vacuum corrugated pipe, and other pipe fittings. The main valves are electrically operated.

There is a temperature sensor at the exhaust port of the vacuum cooler. In order to reduce the temperature of the airflow entering the vacuum pump by adjusting the opening and closing of the main extraction valve when the temperature is too high during the N2 heat removal process.

The ZJY600 Roots pump and ZJY300 Roots pump are both domestic Shengde vacuum products

SV300B is a German leybold product.


1.3.3 Insulation chamber and heater

The insulation chamber is composed of aluminum silicate ceramic fibers and stainless steel components. Lightweight, with good insulation effect.

The heater is composed of ceramic parts and Cr20Ni80 nickel chromium alloy resistors. The heater is arranged on the top, bottom, left, right, front, and back six surfaces of the workpiece, and is divided into three sections for heating, with three sections for independent temperature control; To ensure the temperature uniformity and heating rate of the equipment.

The heating element and insulation element in front are on the furnace door and move together with the opening and closing action of the furnace door.

The remaining heating and insulation elements, such as the top, bottom, left, right, and back, are installed on the inner wall of the tank and fixed.


1.3.5 Air cooling system:

It is composed of a dedicated motor for the vacuum furnace, a heat-resistant fan, an electric damper, an air duct, and a water-cooled heat exchanger. When the temperature inside the furnace is less than 600 ℃, the cooling rate can be increased by circulating nitrogen through a fan as needed.

When cooling, start the fan outside the insulation room, extract N2 from the insulation room through the air duct on the insulation room, cool it through a water-cooled heat exchanger and the inner wall of the furnace, and then return to the insulation room for rapid cooling; The fan can adjust speed to achieve adjustable cooling rate.

The water-cooled heat exchanger is circular, made of red copper and stainless steel, with a large heat exchange capacity.


1.3.6 Cooling water pipe system

Consisting of an electric contact pressure gauge, ball valve, gate valve, water tank, metal pipe, and hose, responsible for providing cooling water for electrodes, motors, furnace shells, furnace doors, vacuum pumps, water-cooled heat exchangers, coolers, etc.

All cooling water channels have water pressure and water flow detection, display, and alarm.

The inlet, outlet, and water source are all provided by the seller themselves.


1.3.7 Pneumatic system:

It consists of an air compressor, an electric contact pressure gauge, a triple piece, a valve, a cylinder, and a directional valve. Provide power air source to vacuum valves, etc.


1.3.8 Control system:

It consists of a cabinet, transformer, voltage regulator, control components, instruments, wires and cables, and water-cooled electrodes.

The heating control consists of a PLC and a voltage regulator. Temperature digital display, automatically realizing the entire annealing process through a pre-set program, automatically recording the temperature curve of the process, and saving it on a USB flash drive.

Three sets of evenly distributed furnace temperature probes and three sets of iron core temperature probes are installed in the furnace.

The power regulation system composed of a transformer and a voltage regulator has both voltage transformation and regulation functions. It is a contactless voltage regulator device without mechanical transmission and can carry loads for smooth and stepless regulation. This power regulation scheme has high efficiency, energy saving, and no noise due to the absence of magnetic leakage from the magnetic voltage regulator.

Design and create a simulated display screen according to the schematic diagram on the touch screen.

The control interface design of the touch screen includes process setting function and process display function. More than 20 process curves can be preset.

The touch screen is a 15 inch full color product of WEINVIEW, the PLC is a product of Mitsubishi in Japan, and the temperature controller and temperature display are both produced by Xiamen Yudian.


1.3.9 Feeding and discharging trolley:

The maximum load capacity is 5 tons, and it is electrically driven to automatically walk on the ground rail to achieve material feeding and discharging. The guide rail and walking mechanism of the car are both working in the cold zone and do not enter the hot zone; Ensure that it does not deform due to heat and load.


1.3.10 Other control requirements:

Water pressure undervoltage protection (cannot start without water pressure; automatic alarm for water shortage during operation, and automatically cut off heating power within 3 minutes) and sound and light alarm.

a. The Roots pump automatically starts with a delay.

b. The heating start is interlocked with its empty system.

c. The nitrogen charging system automatically maintains constant pressure.

d. Air pressure undervoltage alarm.

1.3.11 The reference process curve is as follows:

a. Room temperature~300 ℃ for 2 hours

b. 300 ℃ insulation for 2 hours

c. 300-700 ℃ for 8h

d. 700~800 ℃ for 3 hours

e. 800 ℃ insulation for 2 hours

f. Cooling rate of 800~500 ℃: 20~50 ℃/h;

g. Cooling in the furnace at 500-250 ℃, with a cooling time of approximately 50 ℃/h at 500-250 ℃ and less than 2 hours at 250-50 ℃; Air cooling at 50 ℃.

When the weight of the workpiece in the uniform temperature zone is greater than 3 tons, it can still meet the requirements of the annealing process.


1.3.13 annealing inside frame

The annealing inside frame is made of stainless and heat-resistant steel, with an effective size of 2600 × 1000 × 1200.



1.3.14 Spare parts: Standard and universal parts shall be used, and non-standard or difficult to purchase accessories in the market shall not be used.






2, Equipment Configuration List


No name Model quantity producer
1 Rotary vane pump SV-300B 1 leybold vacuum
2 Roots pump ZJY-300 1 Shengde vacuum
3 Roots pump ZJY-600 1 Shengde vacuum
3 High fidelity neutral plate valve GDQ-150 1 Our factory
4 High fidelity neutral plate valve GDQ-100 1 Our factory
5 High fidelity neutral plate valve GDQ-40 2 Our factory
6 Stainless steel pneumatic ball valve DN15 2 顺德德星
7 Stainless steel corrugated tube DN160 I Our factory
8 Stainless steel corrugated pipe DN100 1 Our factory
9 Vacuum furnace motor YLM,-300Ll -4 1 Our factory
10 Heat resistant fan Customized I FOSHAN FENGJI
11 PLC (Programmable Control)   l Omron
12 touch screen 15 inch 1 WEINVIEW
13 Heating resistor element Cr20Ni80 1 group SHOUGANG GROUP
14 Frequency converter 11kW 2 DELTA
15 Temperature controller   3 Xiamen Yudian
16 Thermometer   3 Xiamen Yudian
17 Vacuum gauge   l leybold vacuum
18 Wire and cable     WANJIALE or GUANGDONG cable
29 thermocouple K分度, 3软 3硬 6 Shanghai instrument group
20 Voltage regulator 220kVA 1 WEITE
22 Main electronic control devices     CHNT
23 Material frame High-temperature alloy 1 Our factory






3,Subdivision of silicon steel sheet annealing furnace:

No Project Quantity Brand
1 Furnace body 1 Our factory
2 Discharge trolley 1 Our factory
3 Heating chamber 1 Our factory
4 Air-cooled 1 Our factory
5 Vacuum unit (including valves, etc.) 1 Our factory
6 Cooling water system 1 Our factory
7 Nitrogen charging system 1 Our factory
8 Pneumatic system 1 Shenchi Pneumatic
9 Electric control, including: l  
Vacuum gauge 1 leybold
Voltage regulator (including transformer) l Suzhou
Temperature and recording each l  
Temperature display 5  
PLC, touch screen, frequency converter 1  
Conventional control 1  


4,Other accessories ---that will be sent with machine

4.1, documents will be sent with machine:

1. One user manual

2. One copy of equipment system diagram

3. One copy of electrical schematic diagram

4. One electrical wiring diagram

5. One user manual for SV300B rotary vane pump

6. One user manual for ZJY-300 Roots Pump

7. One user manual for ZJY-600 Roots Pump

8. All other supporting parts manuals and certificates.

4.2,spare parts will be sent with machine:

1. One set of sealing rings

2. Two quick fuses

3. One temperature sensor


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