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4000×3000×3000 Square LPG Drying Furnace For Transformer

China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
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4000×3000×3000 Square LPG Drying Furnace For Transformer

4000×3000×3000 Square LPG Drying Furnace For Transformer
4000×3000×3000 Square LPG Drying Furnace For Transformer 4000×3000×3000 Square LPG Drying Furnace For Transformer 4000×3000×3000 Square LPG Drying Furnace For Transformer 4000×3000×3000 Square LPG Drying Furnace For Transformer

Large Image :  4000×3000×3000 Square LPG Drying Furnace For Transformer

Product Details:
Place of Origin: WUXI
Brand Name: Gremet
Certification: CE,COC,ISO
Model Number: 4000×3000×3000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: deciding to the size and configuration
Packaging Details: standard exporting packing
Delivery Time: 20-50 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30-50 sets
Detailed Product Description
Vacuum Pump Brand: Germany Leybold Pump Furnace Size: 4000×3000×3000
Function: Remove The Moisture From The Transformer Insulation Material
High Light:

Transformer LPG drying furnace


4000×3000×3000 LPG drying furnace


LPG Drying Furnace For Transformer


Transformer vacuum LPG drying equipment

Technical proposal



The purpose of transformer vacuum drying treatment is to remove moisture from the insulation material of the transformer and improve its electrical performance; On the other hand, causing the insulation components of the product to shrink and deform is beneficial for compression deformation, ensuring the geometric dimensions of the product and increasing its mechanical strength. Because on transformers, except for the iron core and wires, almost all insulation materials are used, and various insulation components inevitably absorb moisture from the air during storage and production processes. Moisture in insulation components is the main factor affecting the electrical performance of insulation. Transformers belong to high-voltage electrical products, and in order to improve the insulation electrical performance of products and ensure their normal operation, Transformers must be vacuum dried.


  • The main purpose of the equipment


This equipment is used for the drying treatment of transformers or other electrical products with voltage levels of 110KV and below. The second party shall ensure the process and quality requirements for product processing, and provide process processing plans and related control procedures for three voltage levels of 110KV, 33KV, and 11KV


  • Main technical characteristics of the equipment

This equipment has the following technical characteristics:
1. The vacuum system is designed reasonably, and the condenser discharges sufficient condensate water, effectively avoiding water pollution of the vacuum pump during the drying process.
2. The rotary vane vacuum pump adopts an environmentally friendly vacuum pump, which can be directly discharged indoors without smoke treatment.
3. During the heating process, according to the different body temperatures, the pressure inside the vacuum tank is periodically reduced to a certain value through automatic pressure alternation, creating the most suitable conditions for water evaporation during the body insulation process and keeping the water evaporation process in a reasonable state during the drying process.
4. This equipment can effectively solve the problem of rust on the iron core during the drying process by adjusting the variable pressure drying process.
5. The level of equipment automation and product processing technology has reached the advanced level in China, and the quality of processed products has reached the level of industry-leading products.
6. This equipment can ensure the safety of production and use.


三,Main components of equipment


The main components of the entire equipment are as follows:
1.1 A vacuum drying tank;
1.2 A set of door opening mechanisms and frames;
1.3 A set of vacuum systems;
1.4 A set of low-temperature condensation system;
1.5 Two sets of heating systems
1.6 A set of pneumatic pipeline system;
1.7 A set of cooling water system;
1.8 One set of hydraulic system;
1.9 A set of control and measurement systems




2,Site requirements (provided by Party A) and the cooperation Party A needs to provide:

Rated power: 35kW, 480V, 60Hz, three-phase, power supply connected to Party B's electric control cabinet

Cooling water: pressure > 0.1MPa, circulating water tank > 8m3.

Equipment floor area: 4500 × 6500mm, pit: 4500 × 4000× 450mm long × wide × High)

Compressed air: 0.4-0.6Mpa, consumption 0.2 m3/min


3,Composition, structural requirements and technical parameters of each system

3.1,Vacuum drying tank:

3.1.1 Effective internal dimension of drying tank 3000 × 3000 × 3000mm (long × wide × Height), horizontal type, effective height refers to the height from the load-bearing flat car in the tank to the inner wall of the tank top, the tank door is electrically moved to open the door, hydraulically locked, and the tank door is controlled by 3000 × 3000 mm face open.

3.1.2 The limit vacuum degree in cold state shall be ≤ 100Pa(1mbar), the time for pumping the vacuum tank to 100Pa in cold state shall be ≤ 60min, and the air leakage rate in no-load cold state shall be ≤ 200Pa · L/S (5mbar.L/S)(the measurement range is 50Pa to 720Pa).

3.1.3 The tank is heated by the heat transfer oil drain pipe on four sides.

3.1.4 Rock wool is used outside the tank for thermal insulation and color steel plate is used for armouring. The maximum temperature of the external surface shall not be 25 ℃ higher than the ambient temperature (according to the national standard).

3.1.5 The tank flange seal ring is a high temperature resistant and long-life special-shaped seal ring, with an effective service life of more than 2 years. The tank flange will not be deformed after long use.

3.1.6 Provision 2.8 × 2.8M, height ≤ 0.35M, load bearing 20T trolley. The trolley can bear large transformer (50T, three fulcrums) and high temperature in vacuum tank. Trolley is driven by electric traction head, which is convenient for entering and exiting the tank.



3.2,Door opening mechanism and portal frame

3.2.1,The tank door is electrically side moved to open the door, hydraulically locked, and each action is in place. The travel switch is interlocked for protection..

3.2.2,It is composed of tank door traverse gantry, drive reducer and transmission mechanism.



3.3, vacuum system

3.3.1,The vacuum system is configured as SV-300+SV-300(two Leybold pump vacuum pumps)/ZJP-600(five vacuum pumps in total), and the maximum pumping speed of the system is 600L/S. The vacuum system (including pumps and valves) operates automatically in sequence.

3.3.2,The main valve of vacuum system shall be high reliability and high fidelity pneumatic main valve, and the system shall also be equipped with pneumatic valve, electromagnetic vent valve, pressure sensor, vacuum pipeline and various accessories.

3.3.3,The gas extracted from the tank must be cooled and dewatered by the condenser.

3.3.4,System configuration and installation, convenient for operation and maintenance.



3.4,Low temperature condensation system

3.4.1 One horizontal condenser is used to condense the gas water extracted from the vacuum tank, and has the function of manual drainage without damaging the vacuum.

3.4.2 Stainless steel tubes with excellent heat transfer performance shall be used as condenser condenser tubes.

3.4.3 The system is equipped with a low temperature water chiller to provide 10 ℃ low temperature water to ensure a good condensing effect of the condenser.


3.5,One set of heating system

3.5.1 This set of equipment uses a mold temperature machine to heat the heat transfer oil with one set of heat transfer equipment. Heat transfer oil serves as a circulating heat transfer medium. Equipped with a 150000 calorie mold temperature machine that burns liquefied petroleum gas with a temperature control accuracy of ≤ ± 5 ℃.


3.5.2 This system is composed of a mold temperature machine (combustion engine), a high-temperature heat transfer oil pump (matched with the mold temperature machine), a filter, a high-temperature valve, a pressure gauge, a temperature sensor, pipelines, and accessories. All heating pipelines within the equipment range are armored with SUS430 stainless steel sheets, and insulated with rock wool pipes.




3.6,Pneumatic pipeline system

3.6.1 Provide air supply for pneumatic valves within the scope of equipment.

3.6.2 The system consists of 0.2m3 air compressor, air source triplet, pipeline, valve, etc.

3.6.3 Working pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa.


3.7,Cooling water system

3.7.1 The vacuum system is cooled by independent circulating cooling water, which is composed of air-cooled chiller, pressure gauge, filter, valve and pipeline.

3.7.2 The cooling water system is controlled separately. If the cooling water pressure is insufficient, the alarm will be given in the main control system.


3.8 Hydraulic system

3.8.1 It is used to lock the tank door.

3.8.2 The system consists of hydraulic station, 4 groups of hydraulic cylinders, pipelines, valves, etc.


3.9,Measurement and control system (touch screen)

3.9.1 Integrated electric control cabinet. Two modes of automatic control and manual operation are provided.

3.9.2 As the main control element, the programmable controller+touch screen can execute the variable pressure drying process and has the following functions:

Detection, display and storage of temperature and vacuum.

The touch screen controls and displays the process flow chart and the operation status of each equipment unit.

During the drying process, select the process parameters according to the specifications of the products to be treated, and change the process parameters as required.

Interlock and interlock between pumps and valves.

Realize alarm device for insufficient air pressure and water pressure.

Automatically execute the drying process.

Automatically judge the drying end point.

3.9.4 Mitsubishi programmable controller (Mitsubishi FX series PLC) can automatically complete the control of variable pressure drying process.

3.9.5 Digital vacuum gauge shall be used for vacuum measurement.

3.9.6 Two sets of Yuguang digital display temperature controllers are used for temperature control, and the temperature control accuracy is ± 3 ℃.

3.9.7 Solid state relay is adopted as the main control element of temperature.

3.9.8 Other control components shall be products of domestic and foreign high-quality brands.


3.10,Other technical requirements

3.10.1,The external surface of each system and pipeline is marked with different colors.


四,Itemized Quotation List of Equipment Configuration


No Name Model and details unit quantity Unit USD
1 Vacuum drying tank

1. Effective size of vacuum tank 3000 × 3000 × 3000 mm (long × wide × High), horizontal.

2. Limit vacuum degree of vacuum tank (no-load, cold state) ≤ 50Pa, no-load leakage rate ≤ 200Pa · L/S.

3. Working temperature 115 ± 5 ℃, automatic temperature control

4. The tank flange seal ring is a high temperature resistant and long-life special-shaped seal ring.

5. Three temperature measuring probes.

6. Two illuminated observation windows.

7. Four sets of heat transfer oil heating pipes;

8.50t trolley and electric traction head






























2 Door opening mechanism Tank door traverse gantry, drive reducer, transmission mechanism set 1  
3 vacuum system

1. Two SV-300 rotary vane pumps Leybold pump vacuum

2. One ZJP-600 Roots pump

3. One high reliability high vacuum pneumatic main valve.

4. Various vacuum valves, shock connectors, vacuum measuring elements, vacuum pipelines, etc.













4 Condensation system

1. One horizontal condenser with new structure,

2. One water chiller.

set 1  
5 heating system

1. The power of the mold temperature machine is 150000 kcal, and the heat transfer oil is used as the circulating heating medium.

2. It is composed of heating center, high-temperature pipeline pump, high-temperature valve and other accessories.







6 Pneumatic system 1Air source triplet and corresponding valves, gas pipes, etc. set 1  
7 cooling water system 1.20 M3/H pipeline pump, filter, pipeline, valve, pressure gauge, etc. set 1  
8 Hydraulic system

1. It is used to lock the tank door.

2. It is composed of hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, valve and other accessories.





9 Electric control system

1. Integrated electric control cabinet, programmable automatic control or manual control.

2. Touch screen control.

3. Mitsubishi FX series PLC

4. Various control modules.

5. Other electrical components.

6. Transformer method process software.

7. Digital temperature controller 2 sets

8. 5 sets of temperature sensors

















10 Tank insulation 1. Rock wool, color steel plate set 1  
12 spare parts  
13 Freight and packaging charges for accessories and large tank materials (Chinese ports)  
Total amount fob USD  



五,Equipment configuration list

no name model quantity producer
1 Vacuum pump



2 sets

1 set



2 Sealing ring of tank door 3000*3000 1 piece Our company
3 Electric trolley 30T 1 set Our company
4 water chilling unit 4P 1 set Our company
5 Electric heater 150000 kcal 1 set Our company
6 Temperature measuring resistance 0~200℃ 4 DILIGEN
7 Lighting observation lamp   3 ZHONGSHAN
8 Observation window glass Tempering 3 Shanghai
9 condenser 6m2 1 Our company
10 Electric control system Touch automatic control 1 set Our company
11 Hydraulic system   1 set Our company
12 Pressure sensor   1 piece Shanghai
13 Vacuum gauge   1 set 瑞普
14 High temperature heat conduction pump 4KW 1 set Shanghai
15 Thermometer 708 4 sets 厦门宇电
16 PLC FX 1 set Mitsubishi

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