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2.5x2.5x3m drying and curing oven of transformers

China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
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2.5x2.5x3m drying and curing oven of transformers

2.5x2.5x3m drying and curing oven of transformers
2.5x2.5x3m drying and curing oven of transformers 2.5x2.5x3m drying and curing oven of transformers 2.5x2.5x3m drying and curing oven of transformers 2.5x2.5x3m drying and curing oven of transformers

Large Image :  2.5x2.5x3m drying and curing oven of transformers

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GREMET
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: 2.5x2.5x3m
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: set
Price: RMB or USD
Delivery Time: 30 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Detailed Product Description
Furnace Size: 2.5x2.5x3m Furnace Function: Mainly Used For Drying And Curing Of Transformers

Technical solution:

1, Introduction to the working principle and purpose of the HB series standard transformer oven:

This oven is a transformer specific drying equipment for hot air circulation and automatic intelligent control of the entire process. A large air volume, low noise, and temperature resistant centrifugal fan is installed on the top of the oven, and the heating chamber is set in the air ducts on both sides of the inner liner. During operation, the lower part of the left and right air ducts (about 1/3 height) is used in the studio to supply air vertically upwards, allowing all external parts of the workpiece to be heated simultaneously; After sufficient heat exchange between the hot air and the workpiece in the studio, it evenly flows back to the top suction chamber, and then is sent to the two side air ducts (heating chambers) by the fan for further heating, repeating the process. Due to the use of high air volume and high air pressure circulating fans for forced hot air circulation, good temperature uniformity is ensured in the studio. Ensure that the temperature inside the oven meets the process requirements.

This equipment has the characteristics of high temperature control accuracy, simple operation, energy conservation, safety and reliability, etc. It is widely used in the transformer industry for the impregnation drying (curing) process of transformer coils and the curing use after epoxy casting.

The HB series oven is mainly used for drying and curing of transformers and transformers


2, Our company's product advantages and preferential policies for customers:

2.1. Excellent insulation performance - According to the JB/T5520-91 standard, for drying boxes with a maximum working temperature not exceeding 200 ℃, the surface temperature shall not exceed room temperature+35 ℃. Our company adopts special high-quality materials and special insulation production processes to ensure that the surface temperature of the box body shall not exceed room temperature+15 ℃;

2.2. High Temperature Uniformity - According to the JB/T5520-91 standard, "the temperature uniformity of the electric blast drying oven shall not exceed ± 2.5% of the highest temperature" (for this oven, ± 2.5% x 200 ℃=± 5 ℃). Based on the production process of the transformer and the placement method during drying, our company optimized the matching of circulating air volume and air duct structure, and improved the temperature uniformity in the furnace to within the range of ± 3 ℃;

2.3. Electric heating tube warranty for three years - heater is the heart of heating equipment! We have chosen a surface low load electric heating tube, which has the advantages of large heat dissipation area, fast heating speed, low surface temperature, and not easy to oxidize. It is durable and has a three-year warranty;

2.4. After sales service - We provide a one-year warranty and free maintenance for our company's products. We visit customers irregularly at least twice within a year, and the equipment is repaired for life. Only material cost fees are charged for repairs


3, The performance and characteristics of the HB series transformer dedicated oven:

Adopting the AI518 intelligent temperature controller from Xiamen Yudian, a Sino foreign joint venture, with PID parameter self-tuning, solid-state relay+cycle controller contactless continuous power adjustment, the entire baking process is automatically completed after the process parameters are set, which can meet any curing curve requirements, is easy to operate, and has stable and reliable performance. Selecting electrical control components from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers to achieve optimal reliability of the curing furnace electrical control system. An additional over temperature alarm protection system is installed, which automatically cuts off the heating power supply and emits sound and light alarm reminders when the temperature inside the furnace is abnormal, effectively protecting the safety of products and equipment. Adopting a more reasonable hot air cycle for plastic products, making the temperature inside the oven and product sintering more uniform, resulting in better results. The heating element adopts a low load U-shaped electric heating tube, which is resistant to oxidation, stable in performance, and has a long service life. The bottom of the electric blast oven is equipped with a track and adopts a trolley in and out structure, making it easy to load and operate. The insulation material adopts high-quality aluminum silicate cotton with low thermal conductivity, which has a significant energy-saving effect


4. Main Configuration and Technical Parameters of HB Series Transformer Special Oven



HB-5 Series Transformer Special Oven (Export Oven)
Quantity 1 set
Equipment working environment

Temperature: Room temperature -40 ℃

Relative humidity: not more than 85%

Suitable for indoor use

There is no strong vibration or airflow around

No corrosive gases or chemicals present

Do not dry flammable and explosive materials

Basic dimensions for installation
Inside net size of the oven 2500×2500×3000mm (width x depth x height) Height refers to the net size above the surface of the trolley
External dimensions 3020×2700×4400mm(width x depth x height)
Inner spacing of guide rails 1300mm
Guide rail model 15kg/m light rail
Height of guide rail surface The height of the upper surface of the guide rail from the ground 160mm
Oven system structure
structural style Integrated production of furnace body
Door opening method Manual double door on the front of the oven
Gate structure

The door lock adopts a sheep horn handle locking adjustable structure, and the material is cast steel chrome plated door handle;

● One set for the upper, middle, and lower hinges of the main door, totaling three sets, with a chrome plated surface treatment;

● Protective buffer pads, with one nylon protective buffer pad installed above and below each door to prevent excessive impact on the door;

Door panel: Made of Q235 cold-rolled steel plate, welded after rust removal and rust prevention treatment;

Door bottom and door frame plate: Made of Q235 cold-rolled steel plate, welded after rust removal and rust prevention treatment;

● Door frame: Made of Q235 channel steel, angle steel and other steel sections, welded after rust removal and rust prevention treatment;

● Door insulation: Made of high-density high-quality aluminum silicate wool insulation and filled with mineral wool insulation board;

● Door sealing: ceramic fiber rope;

Shell Made of Q235 cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of 1.5mm, after rust prevention treatment, sprayed with acrylic self drying paint
Inner gallbladder Made of Q235, 1.2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate, after rust prevention treatment, sprayed with W61 series organic silicon temperature resistant paint
Shell skeleton Made of Q235 channel steel and angle steel, with rust removal and rust prevention treatment after welding
Inner gallbladder skeleton Made of Q235 angle steel, after rust removal and rust prevention treatment, sprayed with W61 series organic silicon temperature resistant paint
Thermal insulation materials Composed of high-density high-quality silicate cotton and mineral wool board; The heat transfer coefficient of the insulation material is 0.016kcal/mh ℃;
sealing material Using asbestos tape, asbestos rope, etc. for sealing (the door is sealed with a sealing rope, and the motor is treated with asbestos tape)
Bottom bracket Q235 channel steel is used for rust prevention and anti rust treatment, and then sprayed with moisture-proof coating
Technical parameters
Power supply 3N+PE 440V 60Hz Three-phase power supply
Incoming cable 3x50mm2+2x25mm2 The incoming cable shall be provided and installed by the purchaser themselves
Operating temperature range 室温~200℃ Arbitrary adjustment
Temperature fluctuation ≤±1℃  
Temperature uniformity ≤±2.5% Maximum operating temperature empty box test
heating power 96kW Divided into two groups for control, can be started step by step to prevent excessive starting current, and automatically reduce heating power during insulation
Surface temperature rise ≤室温+15°C Energy saving and environmental protection
Blowing wind 1.5kW×6台 Long axis motor: dedicated temperature resistant long axis blower motor blades: Ф 285 × 140mm centrifugal fan blade air volume: 3500m3/h air pressure: 540Pa power: 1.5Kw/unit
Exhaust power 0.75kW×1 set Long axis motor: dedicated temperature resistant long axis blower motor blades: Ф 255 × 100mm centrifugal fan blade air volume: 2600m3/h air pressure: 370Pa
Total installed capacity Around 106Kw Heating+blowing
Blowing system
Hot air circulation mode Forced hot air circulation with air outlet from the lower part on both sides of the studio, vertically upward, and uniform return air at the top
Hot air outlet method The lower air outlets on both sides of the studio, 200mm above the trolley surface, and the porous adjustment plate are used for air outlet
Air output control Block type porous regulating plate controls the air output of various parts
Return air method The top of the studio is equipped with a porous air distribution plate for return air
Blower fan Multiple centrifugal blowers with high air volume and low noise are used, with a noise level below 65dB
Position of blower Set inside the top air duct of the furnace body
Heating system
Electric heater Star connection 220V 50Hz U-shaped surface low load electric heating tube (warranty for three years)
Heater position The heating chamber is located in the air ducts on both sides of the studio
Furnace insulation
Insulation layer thickness The thickness of the furnace body is 100-120mm, and the thickness of the gate is 130mm
Layout of insulation materials The heater is placed in a position using aluminum silicate wool felt, while the rest are insulated with aluminum silicate wool
Surface temperature rise of the box body The surface temperature rise of the furnace body is ≤ room temperature+15 ℃ (J standard is room temperature+35 ℃), and special locations refer to JB/T5520-91 standard
Workpiece trolley system
Trolley size 2300 x 2300 x 290mm (width x depth x height)
Number of trolleys Each oven is equipped with one trolley
Traction method Using manual traction method
Trolley frame Made of Q235 steel small well shaped frame, coated with W61 series organic silicon heat-resistant paint after rust removal and rust prevention
Trolley panel Using Q235 δ Made of 8-thick cold-rolled steel plate, coated with W61 series organic silicon heat-resistant paint after rust removal and rust prevention
Trolley wheels match Ф 250 active and passive load bearing wheel systems, a total of 4 sets
Trolley load capacity Load capacity of 10 tons
Electronic control system
Control cabinet A wall mounted control cabinet is installed on the left side of the oven
temperature control Adopting Xiamen Yudian AI518P digital temperature control instrument, capable of programming 30 stages of temperature rise, with P I. D parameter self-tuning, equipped with temperature sensing element Pt100;
alarm system Adopting Yuguang AI508 digital temperature controller, equipped with temperature sensing element Pt100;
Heating control Beijing Ximaden SSR solid-state relay+cycle controller contactless power regulation, using photoelectric isolation input stage, TTL level compatible input, automatic power regulation, zero crossing triggering, DC or pulse triggering methods, with features such as contactless, no mechanical moving parts, no sparks, no action noise, vibration resistance, and long service life
Blast control Set up a set of blast control system
Exhaust control Timed intermittent fully automatic exhaust, capable of manual/automatic switching
Protection system configuration

1. Two sets of over temperature alarm systems will sound and light an alarm when the temperature inside the box is abnormal, and automatically cut off the heating power supply;

2. Motor overcurrent protection to prevent motor burnout and tripping;

3. Electric heater overcurrent protection to prevent short circuit of the electric heater;

4. The motor and heating interlock device first blows air and then heats to prevent the electric heater from burning out;

5. Control circuit protection to prevent circuit short circuits and accidents;

6. Air switches prevent overloading and short circuits in the main circuit, which can cause accidents.

Description of accessories for curing furnace
Exhaust valve Install one manual valve at the outlet of the exhaust fan
Intake valve Equipped with 4 multi blade manual intake valves, adjust the intake volume manually as needed
Pressure relief valve Equipped with a set of pressure relief doors on the back of the oven
Lifting equipment Set up 4 hanging climbers at the bottom
External exhaust pipeline The supplier reserves flange interfaces, and the production and installation of exhaust pipes are the responsibility of the purchaser as needed;
External track Equipped with 2 3-meter-long light rails of 15KG/meter and brackets
Color The box is light gray, and the door is orange red;
Technical documents for curing furnace
Documents with oven

1. Two sets of instructions for using the oven (including instructions for using major purchased parts);

2. List of consumables, main components, and electrical components of equipment;

3. A set of quality certification documents for the entire machine and major purchased parts;

4. A list of major component suppliers;

Design drawings of curing furnace
Drawings and equipment factory data

1. Main view, sectional view of the oven, left view of the oven, and installation foundation diagram of related equipment;

2. Two sets of electrical schematic diagrams and two sets of electrical wiring diagrams each;

3. Equipment qualification certificate;

4. Equipment inspection report;

5. Certificate of conformity for electrical components of main accessories;

Electrical component installation standards
1. All motors, electrical devices, and control instruments, electrical components, wiring terminals, wiring strips, and junction boxes inside the electrical control cabinet must have numbered identification, reliable and clear, and consistent with the electrical schematic diagram, electrical layout diagram, and electrical component list;
2. All wires and cables inside the control cabinet are numbered and consistent with the electrical schematic, layout, and component list;
3. All wire heads are securely crimped with appropriate wire ears, and have appropriate insulation sleeves securely attached to them. The numbers printed by the marking machine are clear and not easy to fall off, and all wire head numbers correspond to the electrical schematic and wiring diagrams;
4. All motors, electric heating elements, and exhaust valves are installed securely. All other components are securely installed;
5. The equipment has a factory nameplate, and the content of the nameplate must be consistent with the content involved in the contract and technical agreement;
6. Our company provides detailed design drawings for the power supply incoming cabinet (including cabinet mechanical diagram, electrical schematic diagram, and primary and secondary circuit diagram), and the demander purchases and manufactures according to the information provided by the supplier;


5, List of Main Accessories and Electrical Components


NO Lib ref Manufacturer or place of origin Main functions
1 Surface low load electric heating tube Jiashan Electric Heating Element Factory Heating element
2 Centrifugal fan Yuyao Fan Factory Circular blowing effect
3 AI518P main temperature control instrument Xiamen Yudian Company Temperature inside the control box
4 AI508 over temperature alarm instrument Xiamen Yudian Company Over temperature protection effect
5 Temperature sensing element PT100 Ningbo Aoqi Detect the temperature of each point inside the box
6 Air switch LG Equipment power main switch
7 Circuit breaker Schneider Control circuit
8 AC contactor Schneider Control circuit
9 Intermediate relay Omron Control circuit
10 Thermal relay Shanghai People's Electric Appliances overload protection
11 On/Off button Suzhou Siemens Control on
12 Transformer Shanghai People's Electric Appliances Measure current
13 Ammeter Shanghai People's Electric Appliances Display current
14 Voltmeter Shanghai People's Electric Appliances Display voltage
15 SSR solid-state relay Beijing Ximanton Power adjustment trigger
16 Frequency controller Beijing Ximanton Steady current
17 Alarm bell Nanzhou Technology Alarm prompt


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