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3015 Changing Table 3000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OEM

China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
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3015 Changing Table 3000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OEM

3015 Changing Table 3000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OEM
3015 Changing Table 3000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OEM 3015 Changing Table 3000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OEM

Large Image :  3015 Changing Table 3000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OEM

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China-Wuxi Jinqiu Machinery Co.,ltd
Brand Name: Jinqiu
Certification: CE and CQC
Model Number: GM3015-3000W
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD or RMB
Packaging Details: metal steel frame
Delivery Time: 55-60 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 150 pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Cutting Size (mm): 3000×1500 Effective Travel: X Axle(mm) 3050;Y Axle (mm) 1520;Z Axle (mm) 100
PositionaI Accuracy: X Axle (mm/m) ±0.03;Y Axle (mm/m) ±0.03;Z Axle (mm/m) ±0.01 Fiber Laser: China MAX-3000W
High Light:

3015 3000w fiber laser cutting machine


OEM 3000w fiber laser cutting machine


OEM fiber laser cutting machine 3000w



Product introduction

Main features:

1,The photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 30%, twice to three times that of CO2;

2,Less power consumption, CO2 is 20% ~ 30%;

3,No laser work gas, can save a lot of laser maintenance cost;

4,Optical fiber transmission, without reflection lens, do not need to adjust the light path.

5,Used for cutting non-ferrous metals, aluminum alloy, copper and other materials

Product features:

  1. Gantry double drive structure, smooth and reliable movement;
  2. Independent research and development design, the manufacture of machine tool bed, special processing technology, high precision of machine tool, stable and reliable, long life;
  3. Precision gear rack drive, with high precision gear reducer, high response and high precision servo motor.
  4. The international first-class quality of fiber laser, industrial application for many years, long service life, maintenance free, stable and reliable.
  5. High precision laser cutting head, imported optical lenses, is focused on the fine, the adjustment is convenient, cutting perfect.
  6. A double closed-loop control capacitive torch height controller, low requirement to the steel plate, cutting quality is stable and reliable.
  7. CNC system is simple and easy operation, low requirements for the operator.
  8. Cutting graphic input multiple formats, powerful draw and edit graphics function.

10,Special cutting software, cutting technology experts, data call functions;

11,Automatic refueling system

12,Cutting gas pressure proportional valve to adjust automatically, not need manual adjustment;



The product basic configuration and technical parameters

No. Description Brand
1 Machine main body Factory
2 CNC operating cabinet Factory
3 Exchange of working Factory
4 Fiber Laser China MAX-3000W
5 laser chiller HanLi
6 Laser cutting head Swiss Raytools ,auto focus
7 Capacitive THC Cypcut BCS100
8 CNC system Cypcut FSCUT2000
9 Precision reducer Germany Techmech
10 Gear rack Japan SMAGIC
11 Servo motor China INOVANCE
12 Linear Guide Japan SMAGIC
13 Proportional valve Japan SMC
14 Electronic pieces France Schneider
15 Solenoid valve Japan SMC
16 Voltage stabilizer Shanghai Huadong
17 Safety delay Germany Pilz
18 Safety light screen curtain China LNTECH
19 Magnetic safety lock door Factory
20 Interior camera and back side monitor Factory
21 Auto lubrication system Factory
22 Window glass CE standard OD7
23 Air compressor Optional
24 Dust exhaust equipment Optional





2,Machine tool technology parameters

Description Technical parameters  
Max cutting size (mm) 3000×1500  
Effective travel X axis(mm) 3050  
Y axis (mm) 1520  
Z axis (mm) 280  
Positional accuracy X axis (mm/m) ±0.03  
Y axis (mm/m) ±0.03  
Z axis (mm/m) ±0.01  
repeated positioning accuracy X axis (mm) ±0.02  
Y axis (mm) ±0.02  
Z axis (mm) ±0.005  
Rapid positioning speed X axis (m/min) 100  
Y axis (m/min) 100  
Z axis (m/min) 30  
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 8790×2465×2105(for reference)  


3,Laser & process parameters


Items Technical parameters  
working mode Continuous/modulation  
Laser power(W) 3000  
Laser wavelength (nm) 1080±10  
The maximum modulation frequency(KHz) 5  
laser mode Single mode  
Optical quality (M2) 2.8mm*mrad  
Power adjust range (%) 10-100  
Fiber Length (m) 15  
Type of cooling water-cooling  
Operating temperature (℃) 10-40  
Long-term stability (24h) ﹤±3%  
Laser life(h) 100000  
Overall Power Consumption (Kwh) 12  



4,Environmental requirements


Working environment temperature -5℃-50℃
Relative humidity 70% non-condensing
Surrounding environment ventilate,No impact on within 5 meters
Power voltage supply 2P,220V±5%;3P,380V±5%
Supply frequency 50Hz
Input Power 40Kw
Grounding type Centralized directly


Important components introduction


1, Machine body

The machine body with the welding box structure, after stress relief annealing process, the technological process for welding to annealing to stress to rough machining, vibration aging, semi-finishing to vibration aging, finish machining, better solve the stress due to welding, machining, thus greatly improve the stability of machine tool, can keep the precision of the machine for a long time.





2,Transverse beam

Beam body with the method of integral aluminum, annealing processed after stress relief, the process for the castings to annealing to stress to rough machining, vibration aging, semi-finishing to vibration aging, finish machining, machining after tempering, ensure the strength, rigidity and stability of the beam as a whole, can maintain

the precision of the beam for long time.






Fiber laser

GM3015-3000 fiber laser cutting machine adopts the world first-class, the world's advanced optical fiber laser manufacturers MAX company 3000 type high power fiber laser.



Main features:

  • The beam quality of excellence(BPP)
  • All constant power range BPP
  • Use of long focal length can still get a small spot
  • photoelectric conversion efficiency 30%
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Modular design, "plug and play"
  • Small, easy to install
  • 100000 hours of free maintenance
  • Modular design, "plug and play"
  • Small, easy to install
  • Integrated optical - optical coupler, or brake light
  • Stable and reliable, comprehensive use of low cost


CNC system

FSCUT2000 laser cutting control system is Shanghai BaiChu(BC) electronic technology co., LTD., independent research and development of an economical laser cutting control system. Widely used in the field of metal and nonmetal laser cutting. Because of its outstanding performance in the field of YAG laser cutting, by the vast number of high-end users.

Main functions:

  • Support the AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber, and data format, accept raw Mater Cam, Type3, Wen Tai software into international standard G code.
  • When pen/lead in the external files such as DXF, automatic optimization, including remove duplicate lines, merger connected lines, remove tiny graphics, automatic distinguish between inner and outer mold and sorting and so on. Automatic optimization process can be customized, the above each function can also be performed manually.
  • Support common editing and typesetting function, including scaling, rotating, alignment, replication, combination, smooth, merger, etc.
  • Set in the form of wysiwyg introduced pinout, slotting compensation, micro connection, bridge connection, over cut, leave a gap, etc.
  • Automatically distinguish between internal and external mold, and according to the internal and external mold to identify slot compensation direction, lead checks, etc.
  • Support the curve split, merge, curve smoothing, text transfer curve, parts merger, break up etc.
  • Flexible automatic sorting and manual sorting, supported by group part of the fixed processing order.
  • The unique processing order browsing function, more interactive than simulation to check the processing order.
  • Support section perforated, gradual perforation, pre-perforation, support of perforation and cutting process set up separate form of laser power, frequency, laser types, the types of gas, air pressure, following the height, etc.
  • Support along with speed the power regulation, can be set up separately lead in and lead out linear velocity.
  • Powerful materials depot function, allowing to save all the process parameters for the same material used again.
  • Processing breakpoint memory, tracking breakpoint forward and back; allowing for part graphics processing.
  • Support stop and pause in the process of locating the arbitrary point, starting from an arbitrary position processing.
  • The same set of software support pipe cutting and flat cutting, the same programming; Support the intersecting line cutting.
  • Support height directed cutting, automatic seeking edge and plate outside cutting and lift the cutting head.
  • Strong ability to expanding function, as many as 15 PLC process editor, more than 30 programmable process.
  • Programmable I/o port, a programmable alarm input.
  • Support through wireless handheld box, Ethernet remote control system.





Laser cutting process parameters


  1. Equipment cutting parameter list(only for reference)




Material Thickness(mm) Gas Speed (m/min) Laser power(W) Nozzle type
Mild steel
1 N2/Air 47~50 3000 Single layer:1.0
2 N2/Air 21~23 3000 Single layer:1.5
3 N2/Air 6~12 3000 Single layer:3.0
O2 3.9~4.1 3000 Double layer:1.2
4 O2 3.4~3.6 3000 Double layer:1.2
6 O2 2.7~2.8 3000 Double layer:1.2
8 O2 2.1~2.3 3000 Double layer:1.2
10 O2 1.4~1.6 3000 Double layer:1.4
12 O2 1~1.1 2200~2400 Double layer:3.0
14 O2 0.9~0.95 2200~2400 Double layer:4.0
16 O2 0.8~0.85 2200~2400 Double layer:4.0
18 O2 0.7~0.72 2200~2400 Double layer:4.0
20 O2 0.6~0.65 2200~2400 Double layer:4.0
22 O2 0.55 2200~2400 Double layer:4.0
25 O2 0.5 2200~2500 Double layer:5.0
Stainless steel(SUS304) 1 N2/Air 50~53 3000 Single layer:1.5
2 N2/Air 23~25 3000 Single layer:2.0
3 N2/Air 10~12 3000 Single layer:3.0
4 N2/Air 6~8 3000 Single layer:3.0
6 N2/Air 2.9~3.1 3000 Single layer:3.0
8 N2/Air 1.2~1.3 3000 Single layer:3.0
10 N2/Air 0.75~0.8 3000 Single layer:4.0
12 N2/Air 0.5 3000 Single layer:4.0
Al 1 N2/Air 40~43 3000 Single layer:1.0-1.5
2 N2/Air 16~18 3000 Single layer:1.5-2.0
3 N2/Air 8~10 3000 Single layer:2.0-3.0
4 N2/Air 5~6 3000 Single layer:3.0
6 N2/Air 1.5~2 3000 Single layer:3.5-4.0
8 N2/Air 0.6~0.7 3000 Single layer:4.0
Copper brass 1 N2/Air 37~40 3000 Single layer:1.0-1.5
2 N2/Air 14~16 3000 Single layer:1.5-2.0
3 N2/Air 7~9 3000 Single layer:2.0-3.0
4 N2/Air 3~4 3000 Single layer:3.0
6 N2/Air 1.2~1.5 3000 Single layer:3.5-4.0
8 N2/Air 0.5~0.6 3000 Single layer:4.0
  The thickness of green materials means that they can be processed for long times and in large quantities.
  The yellow thickness material indicates that it can be processed, but as the material temperature rises, the cutting pressure fluctuations, uneven plate composition and other factors fluctuate, the processing process is unstable, it is recommended to use a higher power laser.
  Red thickness of the material means that can be cut off, can not be processed in batch.









Running cost:(only for reference)

No. Name Quantity Demand
1 Electricity 12-15KW/h(considering the power factor)
2 Oxygen 6L-7L/h
3 Nitrogen 16L-20L/h
4 Protection lens 3-4pcs/month
5 Nozzle 3-4pcs/month



No. Name Qnt. Unit
1 Protection lens 20 pc
2 nozzle 20 pc
3 Ceramic ring 1 pc



Customer prepares the parts:

No Item Specs Qty
1 Machine powersupply cable 10mm2*8 25m,according to site
2 Machine grounding cable 10mm2 25m, according to site
3 Grounding copper rod Diameter:35mm 2.5m
4 deionized water Second grade 100L
5 Switch box 220V 2phases, 380V,3 phases, five wire 2
6 High pressure pipe joint In-line for air compressor. 10mm 2
7 Gas pipe 10mm 20m
8 Oxygen cylinder 220L 1
9 N2 cylinder 220L 1
10 Carburetor(with pressure adjustor and pipe) 100L 1
11 Input powersupply >40kw 1


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