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Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate

China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
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Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate

Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate
Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate

Large Image :  Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China-Wuxi Jinqiu Machinery Co.,ltd
Brand Name: Jinqiu
Certification: CE and CQC
Model Number: 6x1600
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD or RMB
Packaging Details: metal steel frame
Delivery Time: 55-60 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 150 pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Slitting Coil Width: 1600 Slitting Coil Thickness: Max 6mm
High Light:

roll slitting machine


metal slitting machine


steel slitting lines

Hydraulic Hot Roll Mild Steel Slitting Line 6x1600mm Welded By Steel Plate



Technical details


A. Main technical parameters:

1, the suitable material: σs≤360MPa,σb≤520Mpa

2, the thickness of the steel coil: 1.0-6.0mm

3, the steel coil width: 900-1550mm

4, the machine feeding material pure width: 1600mm

5, the suitable steel coil core diameter: Ф508mm, Ф 610mm, Ф760mm

(Ф610mm, and Ф760mm needs to add metal pad)

6, the suitable steel coil outer diameter Ф900~ Ф1800mm

7, the steel coil weight: 25t

8, the allowed tolerance for slitting width: + 0.1mm

9, the slitting line cutting speed : 0-80m/min

10, the slitting line blade shaft diameter: Ф240mm

11, the cutting quantity: 1.0~2.0mm:15 pieces, 2.0-4.0 mm, 10 pieces

12, the cutting minimum width:60mm

13, The cutting blades: 240mm * 25MM * 360mm

14, The blade material: Cr12MoV

15, The blade hardness: HRC58~60

16, re-coiling inner diameter: 610mm

17, the volume load bearing: 25t

18, the total power : ~310KW

19, the center height of machine: 1000mm


B. Technical Process

Transport coil→loading coil→un-coiler→press and guide→feeding and leveling →cutting head→store material→guide→press material→slitting→store material→collect edge→pre-divided material,damping→press divided material→rolling→unloading(hydraulic pneumatic control, electric control)


C. machine component

1, V type storage platform 11,the transition table

2, hydraulic loading trolley 12,wasted edge collection

3, hydraulic inner expanding uncoil-er 13,hydraulic storage maeterial bin Ⅱ

4, hydraulic shovel plate device 14,pre-dividing material damping expanding device

5, feeding material pre-levelling device 15,press dividing unit

6, cutting head shearing 16,re-coiling

7, hydraulic storage material bin I 17,hydraulic un-loading trolley

8, limitation worktable 18,hydraulic pneumatic system

9, two rollers press-material device 19,electric control system

10, slitting units 20,slitting accessories


D.Main structure and parameters of each component

1, V type material storage

It is welded by steel plate, and welded and fixed with embedded parts at site. Its role is to store steel coil that needs to be processed, and be ready for loading trolley any time.

2, hydraulic loading trolley

It composed of base, lifting cylinder, hydraulic motor, a guide column and a supporting platform. Traveling is hydraulic motor driving, lifting is driven by hydraulic cylinder, and lifting guide is four oriented, the steel coil supporting uses V type support. Its role is to transport steel coil to uncoiler.

(1) Hydraulic motor: BMR-250P2AY

(2) Carrying capacity: 25t

3,hydraulic inner expanded uncoiler

Using hydraulic wedge inner expanded type cantilever structure, and through oil cylinder to pull inner expanded mechanism for clamping steel coils, and adding metal pad, it can be suitable for different diameter steel coil diameter. The base moving is driven by a hydraulic cylinder and be better for steel roll to enter the slitting unit. On the upper of uncoiler, it has pressing and guide material apparatus. The press is driven by the hydraulic cylinder. The feed roller is driven by the hydraulic motor. It introduces plate head to shovel plate device. The spindle tail end has pneumatic disc brake device, realize the tension un-coiling. And un-coiling spindle ends have hydraulic auxiliary supporting device, in order to improve the carrying capacity and service life of un-coiler.

(1) basic diameter:Ф465mm

(2) expand range:50mm(diameter)

(3) guiding material hydraulic motor:BM-C315

(4) loading capacity:≤25 t

(5) break model:2-DBH205

4, hydraulic shovel plate device

It is composed of machine frame, shovel plate device, press plate device and driving system. Shovel and press plate device use hydraulic driving structure, its function is feed plate head to pre-leveling machine.

5, feeding material pre-leveling device




it adopts two rollers clamp and feeding, five rollers leveling structure. It is composed of base, ram, feeding rollers, leveling rollers, upper roller lifting device and driving unites. Feeding upper roller lifting is driven by hydraulic cylinder. And leveling upper roller adjustment is driven by motor. Main driven is by DC speed control motor, and matched with the British Eurotherm 590C DC control system.



Main technical parameters:

(1) feeding roller diameter: 180mm

(2) leveling roller diameter: 150mm

(3) the leveling roller material: GCr15 quenching and tempering (HRC58~62)

(4) motor power: 45KW (DC motor)

(5): ZLY180 (hardened) gear

6, cutting head shear

δ6×1600 hydraulic cutting head shear.Cutting irregular head

7, Hydraulic storage binⅠ

Composed of arc transition roller and lifting supporting plate. The arc transition rollers are respectively fixed on the two ends of ground whole components. Lifting supporting plate is driven by hydraulic cylinder, when guiding, this plate rises, to let plate head smoothly through the ground hole. During normal operation, the supporting plate drops into the ground hole two ends, and the sheet transits and operates in the ground hole. The ground hole designs three groups of photoelectric controller, to control leveling machine running speed, and to balance the pre-leveling machine and slitting machine running operating speed synchronization.

8, limitation work station

Prevent the sheet running deviation, correcting sheet in the right position and enters into slitting unit. It is composed of base, limiting roller, supporting sliding seat, a guide roller and adjusting device. Along with plate width direction two sides, it has vertical guide rollers, guide roll wheel frame is fixed on each sliding seat, by hand wheel warp screw nut to make slide seat move in the guide column, in order to adapt to different plate width, and adjusted for manual adjustment, the two side guide roller adjustment on the same side of the adjustment.

(1) Adjusting range: 600~1300mm

(2) guide roller material: GCr15 bearing steel (HRC58~60)

9, two roller feeding device

It is composed of a base, arch, bearing seat, press roller and roller adjustment device. The upper roller is steel core rubber roller; bottom roller is hardened steel roller. Adjustment is worm gear manual adjustment. Its role is to ensure the plate enters into the slitting machine stably.

10,slitting unit

It is composed of two parts: power unit and the cutting edge component. The power unit comprises a base, a motor, reducer, distribution box and universal shaft which drives the upper and lower slitting shaft to work. The slitting unit comprises fixed arch component, a movable arch components, slitting spindle, the moveable driving mechanism and upper & bottom blade shaft adjusting mechanisms. The overlapping of the blade is adjusted by the blade shaft, change it to the electric power adjustment. When replacing the blade, the motor through the screw nut takes moveable plate away, and manually pull the blade, a gasket, a rubber ring out in turn manually, and put the size-matched blade pad, rubber ring in turn, re-set the motor, then the blade has been changed.The Power system connection mode has clutch device, when drag and cutting, it will separate the power. Power adopts DC speed control, matched with the British Eurotherm 590C DC control system.

(1)cutting shaft:φ240×1400mm(blade fixed position)

(2)cutting shaft material:40Cr forge steel, tempering+quenching(HRC50)

(3)round blade size:φ240×φ360×25mm

(4)blade material:Cr12MoV

(5) the main transmission power: 110KW (DC motor)

(6) DC motor control: Euro 590C controller

(7) the upper cutter shaft up and down power: 2.2KW

(8) upper cutter shaft lifting speed reducer: BWY1 swing reduction

(9) slitting speed: 0~80m/min (adjustable)

11, the transition table

It consists of a frame, a roller and a lifting mechanism. Roller with hard chrome plated. Lifting mechanism is acted by pneumatic cylinder. Its role is to facilitate the replacement of the blade and maintenance personnel of the intervention.

12,edge collection(2 sets)

It consists of the frame, the main shaft, the reel, the braking device, the side wire reciprocating device and the power unit. It adopts DC constant control. It is from the two edge rolling cutting edge.

(1) motor power: 2-3.7KW (ZD125B-5)

(2) reducer: 4-WPA-120 worm gear reducer

(3) carrying capacity: 150Kg/ single group

13, hydraulic storage bin II

Mechanism and specifications is the same with hydraulic storage bin 1, with synchronous balance slitting and the rolling speed

14, pre-dividing and damping device

It includes a base, a pre-dividing shaft, plate damping mechanism, speed measuring device, roll reversal, lead plate, tension adjusting mechanism, guide plate lifting mechanism and spacer sleeve and separator etc. accessories. Expanding adjustment and guide plate adjustment are hydraulic cylinder execution.

(1) Pre-dividing shaft size: 100 x 1400mm

(2) pre-dividing sheet size: 100 x 240 x 4mm (with the press sheet general)

(3) pre-dividing sheet material: 65Mn, quenching

(4) Damping form: frame beam compression, plate type damping

(5) press down drive: hydraulic cylinder pressure

(6) reverse roll diameter: diameter of 400mm (hard chrome plated)

15, press feeding device

it is composed of a press material frame, a material distributing shaft, a washer and a pressing device. Dividing plate and shaft is the same with pre-dividing device. The press frame is driven by hydraulic cylinder.

16, re-coiling unit:

It includes base, a decelerating mechanism, a winding spindle, coiling expansion mechanism, a coil head clamping mechanism, cantilever supporting device, steel roll driving device and a power device. The main shaft of the rolling, the rolling and expanding mechanism, the head clamping mechanism and the cantilever supporting device are all driven by hydraulic pressure. And they are powered by DC speed control, supporting the British Eurotherm 590C DC control system.

(1) the type of rolling: wedge inner expanded type

(2) transmission type: box type gear hard connection

(3)The winding spindle size: 260 x 1400mm

(4) the material processing of the rolling spindle: 40Cr quenching and tempering (HRC52)

(5) coiling diameter: 610mm

(6) coiling machine capacity: 25 t

(7) motor power: 132KW (DC motor n=1000r/min)

17, hydraulic unloading trolley

Structure and parameters is the same with loading trolley. The function is to send the divided plate to re-coiling machine.

18, hydraulic pneumatic system:

(1) the hydraulic system is composed of a hydraulic control station and various accessories. Taiwan Hongtai hydraulic pump with vane pump, the main hydraulic components are used in Taiwan "force field" products (Rexroth type). Sealing ring with Taiwan "Ding Ji" company products.

A, flow: L=32L/min

B, pressure: P=12Mpa

C, power: 7.5KW

(2) Pneumatic system consists of pneumatic control station and pneumatic accessories. Pneumatic components from Ningbo Jiaerling products (gas user owned).

A, capacity: B L=1L/min, pressure: P=0.6MPa

19, electrical control system:

(1) Feeding pre-leveling machine, slitting units and re-coiling unit main power use SCR DC speed control, supporting British EUROTHERM 590c DC controller.

(2) the sequence of action units use SIEMENS PLC and Kunlun state touch screen programming to achieve the full automatic control.

(3) the feeding machine, slitting unit and rolling unit is synchronous operation.

(4) conventional electrical components use the "universal" brand.

(5) DC cabinet: 2 pieces; operating cabinet: 2

20, slitting accessories

(1) disc blade: 32

(2) separator: 4+32 pieces

(3) knife pad: full set

(4): a full set of rubber ring

(5) separation pad: full set



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