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Pole/ Pipe automatical welding machine--for pipe making machine

China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
China WUXI JINQIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. certification
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Pole/ Pipe automatical welding machine--for pipe making machine

Detailed Product Description
Pipe Diameter: 500mm--1000mm Pipe Thickness: 10-30mm
High Light:

pipe bending machine


square tubing bender

Big Diameter Pipe Making Machine And Welding Machin Automatic Closing



Pole/ Pipe automatical welding machine--for pipe making machine 0

Pole/ Pipe automatical welding machine--for pipe making machine 1

Pole/ Pipe automatical welding machine--for pipe making machine 2Application:

Usually for big thickness pipe, if we use the steel plate to bend the pipe directly, after bending, the pipe will be flat on the joint, therefore, this pre-bending machine is engaged in to pre-bend the steel plate for left and right two sides edge, after pre-bending, the pipe joint is very round. So our machines are used in petroleum chemical equipment pipe ,gas reserve facilities maintenance pipe; municipal engineering tube; electrical instrumentation and automation engineering pipe; fire protection engineering tube; anti-corrosion insulation engineering pipe; environmental engineering tube; pressure vessel pipe, pipeline maintenance tube; cleaning service pipe; petroleum chemical industry.


Pole/ Pipe automatical welding machine--for pipe making machine 3

Pipe making process:


1. Breach machine

What kind of breach machine we need is according to the quality of custom’s product making. Finally we can recommend an economic and useful one to suit you well then. What you see below picture is about breaches for two sides for good next welding.


2. pre-bending machine

We need to get working piece pre-bend at two ends of plate as the following picture for making a good pipe. Obviously there are two ways to make it. One is pre-bending machine and the other is press bake machine itself, but we don’t recommend the last way for the big work piece for long time use. Because of big work piece and big lateral force, it’s obviously easily to damage the machine.

For example, The following pipe finally made you see is without pre-bending. I don’t think it is the right pipe you want. So pre-bending is important to the pipe and what kind of machine is used for pre-bending is important as well. It does have relationships to pre-bending quality, work efficiency and so on.


3. CNC press brake machine

We need a press brake machine to finish this kind of pipe. Of course, besides round-shape pipe, it also can make polygon pipe and bend for any other angles as well. Obviously we will make this pipe with many bending times. The size of seam is according to the thickness of upper tooling holder. Thinner of upper tooling holder and smaller seam.


4. Automatic Closing and Welding Machine

We need this kind of machine to get seam close and welding. See as following picture.

Gas shielded arc welding is at the bottom of outside seam first to prevent seam opening. We don’t need to remove it any more. Because it is different from submerged welding, no Submerged arc welding flux drops.


5. Pipe inside Welding Machine


We need this kind of machine to weld the seam with Submerged welding inside pipe. The machine is consist of welding trolley, welding system, mechanic device, welding grounding device, inside welding monitor system, welding flux feeding and recycle device, and control system. Adopt trolley to move pipe, the welding gun fixed type.

Finally it would be like following picture after Pipe inside Welding Machine.


6. Pipe outside Welding Machine


We need this kind of machine to finish pipe outside welding as following picture.


7. Steel Pipe Straighten and Round straightening combined Machine


This kind of machine is used to make the steel pipe straight and round completely.



Regarding all kinds of machine details you have to contact Stacy who is an expert on making a pipe. She has already offered many successful solutions for different customers for different pipe.


Big diameter pipe/tube close gape and welding machine​

Technical Parameters:


Equipment main purpose and performance


Automatic closing and welding machine is used for automatic closing and welding for straight seam pipes.

It comprises main machine, welding power, mechanical welding seam center adjustment system and central control system. Its main machine has hydraulic closing mechanism, press rollers, machine frame, pipe conveying trolley and rail.


Suitable process range and welding process

  • Pipe diameter: Φ500-Φ1000mm
  • Pipe thickness:10-30mm
  • Pipe length: ≤12m
  • Pipe type: straight seam steel pipe
  • Pipe welding method: MAG, the pipe will move, welding gun is fixed. We confirm with MAG welding, there is no welding droppings.



Automatic closing and welding machine consists of motorized closing seam main machine, welding system, pipe conveying system and control system

  1. floating mechanical closing seam main machine

The main part of Straight seam pipe automatic closing and welding machine is Mechanical closing seam machine. It is composed of gantry type frame, upper press roller device, side press roller device, crossbeam, and bottom supporting trolley. Four sides press rollers will close the bended pipe, make the seam smallest, and control the seam axial misalignment, and press roller is driven by hydraulic system.


     2. Mechanical welding seam tracking system

Adopt guide wheel blocking in the welding seam, force the welding gun and seam are in the same line, avoid welding seam off-tracking during the welding process


     3. Welding system

Welding system is comprised of gas shield welding system, motorized plus shape carriage, automatic water-cooling welding gun and recycle water cooling system. This part will finish pre-welding for pipe.

  • Gas shield welding system composed of welding power, wire feeding mechanism, shield gas conveying device, the welding power is USA Lincoln DC 600
  • Motorized plus-shape carriage: adjust welding gun alignment position, stroke 50x200mm
  • Automatic water cooling welding gun: use Germany TBI brand, model 500A automatic spinning type water cooling welding gun
  • Recycle water cooling system: choose standard water cooling box,pipe conveying system

Inputting system is composed of feeding trolley, pipe positioning device and steel rail. It is used for pipe conveying. The welding method of this system is pipe moving, welding gun fixed way to weld.

Feeding trolley driving system adopts gear and rack meshes, to make sure the stable running.

Steel rail use 43 kilos heavy rail, to make sure the straightness

The trolley has two speed, during the welding, it runs slowly, during returning, it runs fast.

  1. Steel pipe closing system

The steel pipe closing system is the key part of this equipment. During the pipe bending process, the pipe will have some defect, which will bring difficulty to closing seam. We adopt three points adding pressure, two points supporting way to solve this problem.

Closing system includes left-right press rollers, up and bottom press rollers, up and bottom supporting carriage

The left-right press roller requires high-accuracy synchronization, and is driven by cylinder with hydraulic synchronization device.

Up and bottom press rollers will press and flat the seam, to avoid seam misalignment.

Up and bottom supporting carriage is fixed type, and mounted in trolley.

6 control system

Using PLC to realize program control, and pipe driving motor is inverter stepless speed regulation, constant torque output

The equipment has numbers of testing and safety protect device, and equipped with 1 set of main control cabinet and 1 control box.

In the control box, it sets big-screen human-computer interface, we can make digital setting for welding parameter and equipment function


Equipment characters


Our machine has advantage of modularity, mechanize, and automation

  • high production efficiency: This machine is to close and weld seam after bending pipe, closing and welding is done at the same time
  • The equipment has high stability: adopts good-synchronization driving system to make sure the high accuracy; adopts precise linear guide rail to support all movable parts, to make sure the stable running during the welding process; adopts inverter motor and gear track to drive trolley to convey pipe, to make sure welding speed is stable.

 Technical Parameter

● suitable pipe: Straight seam pipe

● pipe diameter: Φ500-Φ1000mm

● pipe thickness: 10-30mm

● pipe length: ≤12m

● Welding method: CO2 and MAG

● Welding currency: 600A

● welding speed: 0.2-0.8m/min

● pipe conveying: Motorized carriage

● carriage speed: 0.2-1.5m/min

● carriage returning speed: 10m/min


Main Components List


Number Name Quantity Brand
1 Main machine 1  
2 Pipe conveying system 1  
3 Mechanical seam closing system 1  
4 Mechanical seam tracking device 1  
6 630A welding source 1 Lincoln
7 Wire feeding mechanism 1 Lincoln
8 500 A water cooling welding gun 1 Germany TBI
9 Water cooling box 1  
10 Control system 1  








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